The Final Straw That Motivated Me To Join The NRA

NRA Membership Welcome
National Rifle Association

“Enough is enough” is exactly right.

I have never owned a personal firearm, but this week I joined the National Rifle Association. Considering the recent boycotts, joining the NRA seemed less like a choice and more like an obligation. I felt obliged to stand-up for freedom and democracy.

What is happening to the NRA is a direct threat to the future of our great country. The progressive left has come for our history and now they are coming for our liberties. If we are to remain a free, constitutional republic, this cannot be allowed.  

Since the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, several major corporations have severed ties with the NRA. These companies told 5.3 million Americans that they are irrelevant. They also practically said, “your money and your patronage is not wanted or appreciated.”

Amazon and the NRA

That alone should’ve been enough to make me join the civil rights organization but it wasn’t. Sad to say, it was a email that pushed me over the edge. A California man started a petition directed to Amazon demanding they stop streaming NRAtv.

Anti-gun activists are demanding Amazon remove NRAtv from their streaming service, | Photo credit

Despite never having watched the program, the anger set in quickly.

What in the world gives this man (or the 215,000 others who signed) the right to decide what you or I watch on Amazon? If he doesn’t like the show, he doesn’t have to watch it. That is the beauty of living in America as opposed to someplace like China or North Korea.

And for that matter, what makes him or anyone on the left think we cannot decide for ourselves what is or isn’t good for us and our families? Unlike him, I don’t need “protection” from values and ideas I don’t agree with. I suspect you don’t either. 

However, we all need to protect ourselves from people who are willing to subvert the truth and erode democracy in the name of justice. Every tyrant in the history of the world embraced this ideology and used it to destroy entire civilizations.

Malcolm X once said, “a man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” When you realize that America has fallen just about as far as she can without fatally compromising her foundation, the choice becomes a whole lot easier.