Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Molesting 8-Year Old Nearly Bankrupts Utah Jail


Raise your hands if you’ve ever needed medical care you simply could not afford. We’re certain many of you did answer “yes” to that. Now imagine an illegal immigrant, accused of sexually abusing an 8-year old, receiving over a million dollars in cancer treatments at your expense.

Angry yet?

illegal immigrant Gerardo Valerio-Romero bankrupts Utah Jail
Photo Credit | Salt Lake Tribune

Gerardo Valerio-Romero is a 49-year old illegal immigrant sitting in jail in Utah County, Utah. Romero is charged with six counts of sexual abuse against his 8-year old stepdaughter. In addition, he has eight felony charges for forgery and one count of illegally possessing someone else’s ID.

Now, as sick and twisted as his case is already, it gets even worse. Valerio-Romero also has cancer. So far, his treatment has cost the county a whopping million dollars. The price tag is so high, that it has practically depleted the jail’s medical budget.

According to reports, Valerio-Romero was supposed to go to trial back in March. However, his trial date has been postponed twice which is why his medical care continues to be a burden. Such a burden in fact, that Utah County Sheriff Jim Tracy resigned.

Per the Salt Lake Tribune, Tracy left his position over disputes with the county commission concerning budget shortfalls, layoffs, and the early release of inmates. But, Tracy’s biggest complaint was the $1 million spent on Valerio-Romero.

Of course, you might be wondering why they don’t just deport the illegal immigrant back to Mexico? The answer, unfortunately, is not all that surprising. MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes, who shared the news about Valerio-Romero, spelled it out nicely.

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