HUGE: Federal Immigration Officers Plan To Arrest 1,500 Illegals

California illegal immigrants sign
Sign on the 15 Freeway mocks California for becoming a sanctuary state. | Photo credit Twitter

On January 1st, California officially became a sanctuary state. Local and state police are forbidden from working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. But ICE officials are not about to cooperate with Governor Jerry Brown’s agenda. They are coming for Northern California illegals.

Federal immigration officials are finalizing plans for a massive round-up of illegal immigrants in Northern California. ICE estimates the number of arrests will be at least 1,500, if not more. The agency is sending a clear message that enforcing federal immigration laws is not up for debate. 

According to reports, the operation will begin sometime in the next few weeks. Centered in the Bay Area, it’s the largest enforcement action of it’s kind to take place under President Trump’s leadership.

Sanctuary laws continue to be a source of tension between Trump and the Democrats who support them. Proponents contend that it is not the job of local police to help enforce federal immigration laws.

However, ICE Director Tom Homan disagrees with that argument. Homan slammed Governor Brown for signing a law that he feels undermines public safety. Speaking to Fox News in early January, he warned that “California better hold on tight.” Homan added that Brown “is knowingly putting law enforcement at risk.”

Feinstein Fumes

Dianne Feinstein
Senator Dianne Feinstein criticized ICE for purposely targeting California illegals. | Photo credit CNN

Not surprisingly, after news of the impending ICE raid began to circulate, Senator Dianne Feinstein criticized the agency. In a statement, she said illegal immigrants “must not be targeted in raids solely because they are Californians.” Feinstein also suggested the raid is politically motivated. 

As always, Feinstein missed the point. Illegals are not targets because of where they live. Simply put, they are targets because they’re criminals. And besides, if your state is willing to openly defy federal laws just to snub President Trump, then prepare to suffer the consequences.

God knows American citizens do. Just ask the family of Kate Steinle or the countless others who have lost loved ones at the hands of dangerous illegals. Willingly protecting illegal immigrants, in any city or state, is a slap in the face to both native citizens and legal immigrants.