Hysterical! -Twitter Users Roast Democrats Over Sessions/Russia Allegations


“Russiagate 2.0”

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We all need and enjoy a good laugh now and then. And thanks to Democrats, we are laughing a lot more these days. The latest victim of the left’s spy thriller, “Russiagate 2.0”, is newly appointed AG Jeff Sessions.

Continuing their quest to impugn President Trump and obstruct his agenda, the left and mainstream media are insinuating that Sessions perjured himself. When he was a senator and member of the Armed Services Committee, the attorney general spoke with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

It was an ordinary meeting that occurs frequently between members of Congress–on both sides of the political aisle- and foreign diplomats. Nevertheless, Nancy Pelosi, Trump’s self-appointed nemesis, is calling for his resignation. Now Twitter users are rushing to his defense.

Growing tired of liberal shenanigans, users are confessing en masse to their “Russia” connections. From having Russian friends to drinking Russia vodka, the replies are hysterically funny. Conservative London vlogger, Paul Joseph Watson, got the ball rolling:

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“Confession: I appeared on Russia Today a few times & have spoken to actual Russians.
I hereby apologize, resign, & will delete my account.”

The tweet ushered in a flurry of comical responses which you can read here. All joking aside, this latest Russian drama is more evidence that…

Democrats are Delusional

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The left is not concerned with putting Americans back to work, they simply want to put Trump out of work. They definitely don’t want secure borders, stronger military, and fair trade. Apparently, all they can muster is drama to take the focus off of their continued failure.

However, sooner or later, they will be forced to recognize that their schemes are spectacularly backfiring. President Trump is a formidable opponent–and so are the Americans who voted for him.

While Democrats stay busy spinning fantasy-laced tales, Trump will write the book on “Making America Great Again.”

Full disclosure: I have written about Russia. Shall I resign? Nah. And neither should Sessions. 





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