Republicans To Release New Health Care Act

President Obama | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

After a great bit of secrecy, the House Republicans have finally released the long-anticipated legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. The new version has been expected to be more conservative.

The updated version should replace federal insurance subsidies with an updated form of individual tax credits and grants to each state can create their own policies. 

The government will also stop penalizing Americans who do not have insurance.

Only Two Features From 2010 Version Remain

No Obamacare | Photo Credit US News & World Report

Two bills were drafted by separate House committees to come up with the plan. While the government won’t penalize non-insured Americans, they will encourage people to maintain coverage as there will be a 30 percent surcharge for those who experience a gap between health plans.

There are two features from the 2010 plan that will remain. Those two points involve allowing young adults under the age of 26 to stay on their parent’s plans and insurance companies will not be allowed to deny insurance to those with preexisting conditions.

The plan also targets Planned Parenthood so Medicaid can’t reimburse federal family planning grants.

House Has Unprecedented Work Ahead

House Speaker Ryan | Photo Credit CNN

Obama’s Affordable Care Act passed with only Democratic support. This newer version will be debated this week in House committees to find an agreement on government health-care policymaking. Currently, there is “no precedent for Congress to reverse a major program of social benefits” reported the Washington Post.

These two bills are the Republicans first real attempt to translate seven years of talking points to demolish the Democrat initiative. There are still issues such as the tax credits and Medicaid terrains that will hurt Republicans in future campaigns.

The bills will need to address the concerns on both sides. Some conservatives are worried about federal entitlement while others are concerned that access to affordable health care like Medicaid is necessary.

Some members have still not seen the new drafts of the health care act.

Do you think these two Obamacare points should also be taken out of the new version?

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