Homeland Security is giving away as many citizenship applications as they can. The reason for the sudden overload with applications is to sway votes in this year’s elections, according to an internal document that’s been found.

One of the emails sent by Republicans proves a Texas office demanded their help to work on the weekends to process more citizenship papers. Their hope is to get as many people in before September. That would give them just enough time for voting in November.

Once again, Obama and his Democrats are trying to keep Trump out of office. With the help of the liberals, immigration support groups launched drives to encourage eligible immigrants to become citizens. They have the hope that if they get enough people in, they can keep Trump out. So far the groups have set a goal to bring in 1,000,000 citizens. They’ve hit about 4,00,000, but the other 600,000 they were hoping for has jumbled up the USCIS. Thanks to the group, the volunteers in the office are working double time to play catch up before the end of the month.

Obama and His Democrats At it Again

Senators in some of the norther states became aware of the attempted sway and demanded answers. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, both put their feet down about the situation. With oversight and help looking into the situation from DHS, they asked Senator Jeh Johnson for answers.

They pointed out how obvious it is that the naturalization process is being sped up to bring in as many immigrants as possible. They advised that at this time, things should be slowing down and not speeding up. The advice was in a joint letter the two wrote to Senator Johnson.

They then added that an audit earlier this week, showed that more than 800 illegal immigrants were given citizenship. And, not only were these 800 given citizenship, they were all also connected with countries connected to terrorism against the United States. Apparently, they didn’t even check the fingerprints on a majority of them prior to giving them citizenship.

Even though the USCIS told the Washington Times last week there would be no push to grant citizenship, the push now is obvious. The email that was leaked contradicts what they previously stated. When asked again on Thursday, they had no comment.

Immigrants to Sway Election

Homeland Security Pushes Citizenship for Immigrants to Sway ElectionThe new push to approve as many citizens as possible is an obvious strategy to win the elections. This isn’t a new strategy for swaying the elections. And guess who tried to pull this off back in 1996? You guessed it, The Clinton administration tried it and the attempt resulted in fraud. Nearly 200,000 aliens were approved and thousands of them were criminals. They were never checked for backgrounds or fingerprints.

Now they are attempting the same thing. Let’s hope some legal action is taken immediately to put a halt on the process before it’s too late. With only a couple months to go, there is no time to let activities like this continue. The proper authorities need to interject immediately and perform a rapid investigation to see who’s responsible. And if it turns out to be Hillary, the that’s just one more reason to keep her out of the oval office.

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