Hollywood Wives Trash Ivanka Trump Then Do THIS To Empower Women…


Black-Tie Sex Soirees

Photo credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood wives are a special breed. They spend all day lounging by the pool, posting their narrow-minded and out of touch worldviews on social media. Meanwhile, their husbands are talking trash about President Trump and bringing home the bacon. Both of them, are happy to put down strong conservative women like Ivanka Trump.

Their idea of “making a difference” is as skewed as their take on the wants and needs of hard-working Americans too. Evidenced, in part, by their idea of how to empower women. It doesn’t involve education, at least not the type of education you learn in business school. It also has nothing to do with holding entrepreneurial events or writing books on “Women Who Work.”  

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For Hollywood women, success is defined by two things-money and sex.  A recent article by the Hollywood Reporter offers a glimpse into the morally bankrupt agenda of “tinsel-town ladies.”

“Wife of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Gabriel Chiu (and former Real Housewife of Beverly Hills) Christine Chiu wanted to bring her Hollywood friends together for an exclusive night of frank sex talk and female empowerment.”

The extraordinarily lavish event saw women dressed in elegant gowns gathered together to learn how women should truly enjoy…

Degrading Sex

Photo credit: The Hollywood Reporter

“The program offered shocks and thrills, from seminars that discussed how successful women enjoy degrading sex to a seductive performance by striptease artist Dita Von Teese.” said guest Sarah Magness. Magness directed the Oscar-winning film “Precious” and is a close personal friend of Chiu.

In addition to the degrading sex seminar, other topics included “orgasms from a clinical perspective and what’s next in sex-tech and more”. They feasted on a dinner menu of aphrodisiacs and finished the evening with desserts with names like “Foreplay” and “Climax”- a yuzu and violet ‘oysters’ set in shells and pearlized with caviar vanilla cream.

Photo Credit: yahoo.com

It’s almost hard to believe, that these are the people who are criticizing the characters of President Trump and first daughter, Ivanka. Consistently asserting that neither of them truly care about women has become a regular diatribe. The only good thing to come from this little affair is that they have offered positive proof as to why America needs more Donald and Ivanka Trump and a lot less Hollywood.




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