We all hear about the Clintons’ failed ventures in the Middle East, her disastrous wars in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and Syria.  We also hear about the many other scandals that have uprooted various parts of the world.

But we so rarely hear about one of her most abysmal failures to date, that being the Honduras coup of 2009.  

Early that year, in a country riddled with drug violence and overt corruption, there was a slight glimmer of hope, if for only a moment. The country had elected a new President.  One who promised to fight corruption within its government structures; and take back the country from foreign vested interests, namely the Obama administration and its friends abroad. 

Because of this, Clinton and Obama saw Manuel Zelaya as a liability. 

Someone they couldn’t control, and a potential threat.  Someone that needed to be taken care of; and just like clockwork, they came and did just that. To justify the coup, Clinton stated Zelaya was “arrested amid fears that he was preparing to circumvent the constitution and extend his term in office.” But beyond advocating for real democracy, and trying to enact constitutional reform in the Honduran Government, Zelaya was innocent. The Honduran president was not eligible to run in the election come November.  It would have been impossible for him to extend his term in office. That didn’t stop Clinton from lying and illegally overthrowing his government though.

The Obama administration condemned the coup in the media, but it was later revealed in one of Clinton’s declassified emails that she vehemently supported overthrowing the president.  The coup was indeed US-backed, and that she later appointed coup loyalists with top ministry positions, effectively opening the door to even more corruption and violence in the country.

It seems that everything Clinton touches either dies, or quickly deteriorates.  Such as in the Honduras case here, which received no real news coverage. 

Honduras has always been a country that’s struggled to combat the scourge of drug violence along with all of its afflictions. Since the 2009 coup, the country has seen a sharp uptick in crime; more than 50% increase since 2012. The actions of Clinton and her cronies pried open the doors, invited in local thugs to run the streets, who rape and pillage as they please with no one to answer to. The US-backed loyalists who mounted the coup still have significant influence to this day; voices who oppose them, voices for real democracy, have been snuffed out, and many stay quiet in fear of meeting the same fate.

Berta Cáceres being interviewed a few months before she was assassinated by Honduran militia Berta Cáceres being interviewed a few months before she was assassinated by Honduran militia

“The army has an assassination list of 18 wanted human rights fighters with my name at the top,” – Environmentalist and human rights activist, Berta Cáceres

Berta Cáceres, a woman and political activist, was just recently shot down for speaking out against local militia and corrupt Honduran political figures. She was found in her home in 2013 lying in a pool of blood; Cáceres rightly predicted her fate and paid the ultimate price for speaking out against the coup loyalists and the Honduran army.

Murder has become a commonplace happening in Honduras.

The void left in the wake of the 2009 coup, orchestrated by Crooked Clinton, has allowed more corrupt officials to infiltrate the already compromised internal affairs of Honduras. Bribery, murder, and violence are rampant. The recent episode of death and anarchy hatched by Clinton is sure not to surprise most though.  It’s just another power move by the crooked candidate. The events which were recently revealed shows that it doesn’t matter to her who dies, so as long as she gets her way.

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