More people are learning about the corruption of Hillary’s campaign. Sources working for Wells Fargo, in contact with the Observer, report Clinton’s campaign is stealing money. The Clinton campaign has been responsible for processing more than $94 million dollars in unauthorized claims from donors.

None of the charges processed have been over $100. Apparently, according to the source from Wells Fargo, they won’t process fraudulent transactions less than $100. Apparently, the automatic fraud detection system still picked up the transactions. And along with the hundreds of calls Wells Fargo receives a day from donors requesting refunds, the bank finally had to do something.


Is Hillary Really Stealing Money?

Hillary Steals Money, This Time from Her Poorest DonorsThe unknown source who chose to remain anonymous said they’ve been refunding an average of $700 – $1,200 a day to donors who’ve been taken by Hillary’s Campaign.

Some of the taken have reached out to local attorney generals, only to have the issue forwarded to the FEC. (Federal Election Commission)

The source also claims that Clinton’s campaign is well aware of the $100 cap on fraud investigation. Apparently, Hillary’s campaign has been processing these unauthorized transactions since early spring of this year.

Hillary Steals 94 Million from Donors, Cont… 

The donors who are suffering most are those who made minimal contributions. Hillary is literally stealing from the poor to give to her own rich. The campaign continually makes small, seemingly unnoticeable overcharges of $20 or so. They always make sure to keep the transactions less than $100 to stay off the radar. (Information from Source 1.)

We are all well aware of Hillary’s shady activities. The “deplorable” comment she made about Trump supporters isolated them as a near worthless group of humans in America. She dug her own grave there with them. But now she willingly, knowing and fraudulently steals money from her own supporters. Not only is the Hillary for America campaign stealing money from donors, but it’s stealing money from the poorest donors they can find.

What else does this say about Hillary’s attitude towards Americans? She obviously has no problem publicly shaming Trump and his supporters. She steals from her own in secret. Doe she really care about the American people at all? Or is she just seeking more power and control in what she sees a futile, lost society. Her words may not tell that story, but her body language and actions certainly do.

And as the saying goes, the lips may lie, but the body always tells the truth. Also, let’s not forget in spring of last year when Hillary was accused of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from the poverty stricken nation of Haiti. The money was supposed to go to the construction of a hospital.

Clinton’s Steal Money from Haiti

The Clinton’s was also tied to other luxury hotel divisions being developed in Haiti as well as mining operations. Of course when asked, a Clinton Foundation Spokesperson denied all accusations as false.  (Information from Source 2)

If any one of the crime’s Hillary’s been accused of committing have actually happened, what will happen to her? And why do these stories seem to be continually kept under the radar? There’s one thing for certain, if these stories involved Trump, they would be plastered on every piece of media the world has. Let’s hope if she is found guilty for any of these crimes, she’s dealt with accordingly and not allowed to infect this country with her unethical way of life.

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