Recently, we published a story on Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s ridiculous request for a recount. Mind you, she cannot win regardless of the outcome. For a party that is supposed to be better than the other two, this is quite the debacle.  

Now, Hillary is trying to hitch her wagon to Stein’s gravy train, but Stein is having none of it.

Hillary Never Misses a Bad Opportunity

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In true Hillary Clinton fashion, the queen of hypocrites has decided that she too would like a recount in Wisconsin. Possibly in Michigan and Pennsylvania as well, but that seems unlikely to happen. Now that Jill Stein has begun the process, Hillary can hop on board without looking like a sore loser. Or so she thinks.

Hillary just cannot help but make bad decisions. It would seem her logic is as flawed as her moral compass. And she obviously cannot remember what she said to Donald Trump during the election regarding “threatening our democracy” Maybe she just does not care about hiding her hypocrisy. Regardless of her reasons, and we know what those are, Stein is less than happy about Hillary joining her circus.

Stein Doesn’t Want Another Clown

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Stein’s last minute call for a recount could easily be compared to a circus side show. And she has made it clear that she isn’t looking for any new clowns. When Stein got wind that Hillary was coming to town, she immediately took to Twitter to share her thoughts saying “Why would Hillary Clinton—who conceded the election to Donald Trump—want #Recount2016? You cannot be on-again, off-again about democracy.”

Stein’s remarks lead us to believe that either she has no respect for democracy, or she is as much a hypocrite as Clinton is. Maybe the democratic process is just too difficult for them to comprehend. Or, maybe both women are just bad losers.

The latter is more likely, considering it didn’t take long for the Clinton camp to fire back.

Hell Hath No Fury Like Two Women Scorned

Senior counsel for the Clinton campaign, Marc Elias, wasted no time in offering up an explanation for Hillary. In an email interview with the Washington Post, Elias stated “We have not asked for a recount. We have not sought a recount. We have not pushed for a recount. What we have done is say that if there is going to be a recount, we will participate in the ways I have described.”

To be clear, they are not asking for it, they do not want it, and they do not expect anything to change. They are simply joining the recount for… no reason at all?  It is both absurd and mind boggling.

And they are still wondering why they lost?

This stunt is about nothing more than these two women feeling scorned. Jilted by American voters, their love story did not end with happily ever after.

We can all be grateful that the next chapter of our history will be written by Donald Trump.  A genuine leader that is worthy of being called America’s President.

What do you think about the recount sword fight?

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