Hillary Just Got Ripped To Shreds Over Horribly Ignorant Statement On Vegas

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Hillary Clinton is under fire, after making what some are calling an “ignorant statement” after the Las Vegas shooting. In an effort to attack the National Rifle Association, Clinton tweets about a current bill in Congress, to restrict the sale of silencers. However, as critics point out, her statement is both ill-timed and irrelevant.

Even while details of what is now the worst mass shooting in U.S history are still emerging, Clinton quickly jumps into the gun debate. “The crowd fled at the sound of gunshots. Imagine the deaths if the shooter had a silencer, which the NRA wants to make easier to get,” tweets Clinton.

Moreover, the failed 2016 presidential candidate says that grieving for the victims isn’t enough. But rather, it is time to put politics aside and stand-up to the NRA to “stop this from happening again.” However, conservatives including radio host and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, are calling Clinton out for her remarks.

In her response, Loesch attempts to educate Clinton on how suppressors actually work. “Suppressors only reduce by a few decibels, still same decibel level as a jackhammer,” Loesch tweets. Conservative commentator, Ben Shapiro, also takes issue with the former secretary of state. Shapiro refers to Clinton remarks as “ignorant, irrelevant, and exploitative.”

Nevertheless, this isn’t the first-time Clinton is politicizing a tragedy. Four days after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, she slams the Trump administration on social media. “President Trump, Sec. Mattis, and DOD should send the Navy, including the USNS Comfort, to Puerto Rico now. These are American citizens,”

Pushing Agendas

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Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy issued a similar statement. Saying he is angry over his colleagues’ fear of the gun industry, he is demanding action. “The thoughts and prayers of politicians are cruelly hollow if they are paired with continued legislative indifference,” he says. “It’s time for Congress to get off its ass and do something.”

At the time of this writing, the shooting has left 58 people dead, with the final number expected to rise. More than 500 are being treated at various hospitals. The shooter, 64-year old Stephen Paddock, killed himself in his Mandalay Bay hotel room. Law enforcement officials found at least ten weapons in the room. A possible motive for the shooting has not been released.