2Napolitano Reveals Susan Rice Could Have Committed… 

Susan Rice | Photo Credit MSNBC

Based on her level of security clearance, Susan Rice is allowed to have access to the requested documents, but can only report on this access if it becomes a matter of national security.

If on the other hand, she would report the sources or unmask individuals to President Obama simply to pass along information, then that would be considered illegal, if not espionage.

Judge Napolitano | Photo Credit Fox News

On Fox News, Judge Napolitano revealed:

“It depends on what she did with the information that she unmasked. She was entitled to this. As the President’s national security advisor, she has the highest level of national security clearance. So if General Flynn is talking to the Russian Ambassador, and that conversation is recorded, or surveilled, because the government wants to know what the Russian Ambassador is saying to whomever he is speaking, and she needs to know to whom the Ambassador was speaking, in order to understand the conversation, she can do that.”

“Can she reveal the identity of an American for a purpose other than national security? Absolutely not. Can she ask for others involved and tell those to her boss? That’s called espionage.”

Did Rice commit…