It Took THIS Vet Almost 1 Year To Recover From War Injuries, But Then He Defies The Odds To…


Overcoming the Odds

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It has become increasingly more difficult to see past all the turmoil our country is facing. Especially when leftist media is consumed with putting it in our faces 24/7. But there is still so much good in the world, and this American hero is proving it.

From Fox & Friends:

An Afghanistan war veteran recently became the first double-amputee to be a full-time police officer in the United States, Matias Ferreira, 28, was sworn in as an officer for the Suffolk County, N.Y. police department Friday on Long Island.

Ferreira said he lost both his legs below the knees during a nighttime operation in Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2011. A machine gunner for a Marine division from Camp Lejeune, N.C., Ferreira was setting up on a rooftop of a building with several other Marines.

He stepped away to retrieve more supplies and jumped from the roof to the ground, landing on a 30-pound bomb which then detonated. After three months in the hospital, Ferreira was able to learn to walk again with titanium prosthetics, he said. 

Ferreira’s recovery and triumph aren’t the only remarkable things about his story. He is also a “silent” spokesperson for successful…

Legal Immigration

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Ferreira came to the United States from Uruguay with his parents when he was only 6-years old. He said he “admired people in uniform” and knew right away that he wanted to someday “join the military or work in law enforcement.”

Despite having lost both his legs in combat, he has vowed not to give-up saying “If one doesn’t work out, the other one will.” Ferreira credits the support of his family and peers as being his reason for pressing on.

It took Ferreira almost a year to recover from his injuries, which also included a shattered pelvis. Nevertheless, his life-changing injuries didn’t discourage him from wanting to continue protecting American citizens any way he could. This is a shining example of the “true spirit” of Trump’s America. 

Watch Officer Ferreira’s amazing story:


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