Here’s Why America Needs Trump’s New Religious Executive Order


President Trump Protects Religious Freedoms

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President Trump’s newest executive order is a mandate to protect religious freedom. In no small part, this order will actually even provide relief for religious objectors to the Obamacare Mandates, such as the famous Hobby Lobby lawsuit.

Business owners can opt out of certain Obama regulations if they strictly go against the company’s religious freedoms. The order will also alleviate the burden of the Johnson Amendment.

Trump Protects Christianity In America

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Fox News reports:

“By adding his signature, the President ensures the protection and enforcement of religious liberties for all Americans, as well as a break in some of the crippling fines for business that object to certain Obamacare Mandates, such as covering contraceptives, but most important will be an IRS rollback and enforcement of the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits religious leaders from talking politics at the pulpit.”

The current war in America is a religious war on Christianity and in the book, The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again, author Todd Starnes discusses how Trump could help fix this war. This newest executive order is essentially a major step in the right direction. “Atheists and LGBT activists are hell-bent on not just eradicating Christianity from the public marketplace, but punishing Christians who practice their faith,” said the author.

President Eradicates Johnson Amendment As Promised

Johnson Amendment | Photo Credit Vermont Blog

The Washington Post reports:

“As a candidate and shortly after taking office, Trump declared he would “totally destroy” what’s known as the Johnson Amendment, a six-decade-old ban on churches and other tax-exempt organizations supporting political candidates. The provision is written in the tax code and would require an act of Congress to repeal fully.”

“A White House official said Trump would instead direct the Internal Revenue Service to “exercise maximum enforcement discretion of the prohibition.” Such a direction could be subject to legal challenge and would not necessarily extend beyond a Trump presidency.”

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