African-American Man Cries Tears of Joy In Video Praising Donald Trump



There’s no better way to start the week than watching a video that destroys leftist talking points. And this week there are two of them. The first, #WalkAway from Liberalism, is from Brandon Straka. The second, is from a vocal, African-American Trump supporter named Henry Davis.

Trump supporter Henry Davis
Photo Credit | DML News

Since taking office in January 2017, President Trump has improved the national economy and sent the stock market soaring to new heights. Unemployment is down to historic lows, especially among minority groups.  

It’s those accomplishments, that have Henry Davis in tears. Tears of joy that is. In a video posted to social media, Davis breaks down while discussing what Trump has done to improve life in the black community.

“I’m just crying because I’m just — I’m like it’s a good time to be alive. And to be able to witness what’s really going on,” says Davis. “And we got a chance.  I’m just talking about from a black perspective. If you really want to work and get up off your a** and do something, you can do it.”

In addition, Davis also praises Trump for addressing the opioid crisis and bringing jobs back to America. “Black people working, you know what I’m saying. Jobs coming back, factories opening up,” he continued. “He helping with the drug epidemic and all of that.”

Donning a white “Make America Great Again” hat, Davis says he “respected” the office of Trump’s predecessor. However, he says it’s President Trump who’s getting the job done. “And again, Barack Obama, I respected the office. I respected the fact that he was the president, but ain’t nobody like Trump, man,” he said.

So far, the short and emotional video has racked up over 300k views on Twitter. But, it isn’t the first time Davis has posted something controversial for Democrats. In a blunt, one-minute video last week, he dropped the truth hammer on Rep. Maxine Waters.

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