The bigger the monster, the harder it is to kill. At least that’s how it is in the movies. Right? You know, like the serial killer in the basement shot multiple times, then stabbed in the leg. Just when you thought he was dead, his eyes pop wide open. Then dragging himself by one arm, he crawls up the stairs and grabs the unsuspecting teenager.

That’s how the left must view Donald Trump. They shoot him with everything they have, and he refuses to die and fade out of the political arena. No other candidate has been able to withstand their ridicule. Up until now, they’ve been able to define their opposition using mockery and scorn. Donald Trump has been painted as a monster, a bully, and a hater. And yet he lives to stump another day.

Now the attacks have gone 3D. On August 18th, the bigger-than-life-size, stark naked, Donald Trump stood before five major cities neutered, anatomically challenged and obese for all to gawk at—and take selfies with.

The anarchist group known as INDECLINE hired a sculptor from Las Vegas, who specializes in creating monsters for haunted houses, to enshrine their degrading attacks on Trump by emasculating him in the public square.

From The Establishment

“INDECLINE, the activist group behind the statues, had this to say:

‘It is through these sculptures that we leave behind the physical and metaphorical embodiment of the ghastly soul of one of America’s most infamous and reviled politicians.’”

Donald Trump is only the most reviled politicians to those who are afraid of him. To them, he’s a monster that won’t die under the weight of their hatred. He’s the candidate that broke the chains of the Republican party—they can’t control him.

The fact is, like it or not, Donald Trump is more of what the Founding Father’s envisioned as a leader serving the people. They never intended government service to be a career, let alone a cash cow for the wealthy.

None of the statues remain standing, in fact most came down within hours. One has to ask, what was the point? Public humiliation? Fat shaming? Emasculation? Were they hoping the Donald would die of embarrassment and shrink away from the public light?

Donald Trump has placed more on the line than his ego. Unlike the other candidates he faced in opposition, Trump put his own fortune on the line.

The point these statues made, in the end, where not about Trump. They were about the utter debasement too many Americans have fallen prey to. The political arena is no longer a battle of ideas.

It’s a bloody horror show. Where the real monsters will strip you to your core, and laugh.  

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