Harry Reid Russian election claim hoaxHarry Reid endorsed Clinton during the elections. Some weeks after his candidate lost, he claims Russian influence helped get Trump elected. Photo credit: Washington Times Harry Reid claims the FBI knew about the “Russian influence” on Donald Trump’s election win. On December 10th, Reid accused the FBI of covering up the facts to throw off the elections. The senator compared FBI director James Comey to its notorious founder, J. Edgar Hoover, and called for him to resign.

Where was Mr. Reid when Hillary’s emails were in questions? I don’t recall him squeaking too much then.

Now, Reid claims the FBI knew all along that the Russians had the intention of skewing the election results. He refers to a report from mid-October supposedly confirming Russia was behind several cyber attacks in the U.S.

The hackers reportedly targeted the Democratic National Convention in particular and released leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s camp close to the November 8th election.

But the senator’s accusations didn’t stop with ridiculous…

What’s His Proof of Russian Influence?

russian influence us electionHarry Reid alleges that Russian influence played a part in the election of Donald Trump as president. Photo Credit: Reuters

Reid claimed that WikiLeaks is actually controlled by the Russians. Its founder Julian Assange has denied accusations that the whistleblowing site is “in on it”.

Harry Reid made the serious accusation without pointing to any credible source or naming anyone in particular. When questioned, he simply answered, “That’s right, it’s true.”

The reasoning the senator used to defend this claim was also questionable.

To prove that Russian influence helped Trump “cheat” the election, Reid says “Russia has a pretty good way of cheating. Look at what they did with athletes.” As to how Olympic doping could equate to cyber attacks or rigging presidential elections, he did not offer any further explanation.

Faulty logic is just milk paint on Reid’s dirty tactics…

Fool Me Once…

Harry Reid LyingHarry Reid is known to cross the line when it comes to political warfare. Is there a chance he’s making the “Russian influence” claim up? Photo credit: americansingpac

The outgoing senate minority leader has no problem crossing the line when it comes to political warfare. In fact, he admitted that he doesn’t even know what that line would be.

In 2012, Reid raised eyebrows when he accused presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, of not paying his taxes, and not releasing his tax returns for the previous ten years.

The statement shook the election and Reid took great pride in his hand in it. Evidence has shown that Reid purposefully lied, to make Romney look bad and push for an Obama re-election. Romney did release his tax returns for 2010 and 2011 — proving he paid his taxes.

Reid relished the lie with a smug, “He didn’t win, did he?”

When confronted, Reid continued to defend his claim. Like his accusations about the Russian influence on Trump’s win, Reid said he had an anonymous source. In the same way, the senator has “made no effort” to explain why his unnamed source would be credible.”

Reid’s history proves he’s made accusations in the name of political warfare. He’s done it before, what’s to stop him from doing it again?

Do you believe there’s any substance to the Russian hacking claim?

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