More Immigrants are making their way to the United States through our neighboring country of Mexico. This time the immigrants are Haitian, and their coming through in waves where they’ve been coached on what to do in order to gain asylum. Through the process, they gain nearly instant access to processing and are allowed to stay in the country.

It’s a type of amnesty that people are abusing. Waves of illegal aliens are literally pouring into the country and most of them will be rejected by the proper authorities. But for those of them that understand asylum, and can claim it, they’ll have found a loophole to stay in the country. Haitians are only the latest of many different nationals who’ve decided to overtake the U.S boarders and take ground here. The immigrants are easily smuggled across the border through Mexico, sometimes for thousands of dollars apiece.

Claiming asylum and abusing the system is becoming a major problem. It’s not just a problem for the United States, but for Mexico as well. Haitians and other nationalities are flooding Mexico, in hopes of making their way to America. Mexico will fair no better than the United States. It’s a hard situation to deal with for everyone, and one of the main reasons Trump wants to build a way. We can’t have masses of illegal immigrants flooding our country, especially when so many are criminals. At this point, it’s as simple as getting to Mexico for the Haitians. Once they do, they’re almost guaranteed access to the United States.

40,000 Haitians attempting to make it into the United States

The DHS is finally trying to put a halt to the problem. Because according to another source, there were an estimated 40,000 Haitians attempting to make it into the United States through central America. DHS is finally admitting that it’s an emergency type situation. Since the earthquake in 2010, the United States has made the deportation of Haitians from the United States a no go. They’ve avoided deporting Haitians to the point where it’s become a problem. Other Haitians are seeing the loophole and doing everything they can to make it here.

U.S. Customs and Border protections Statistics Are Astounding

According to U.S. Customs and Border protections, there is somewhere around 150 Haitians a day making it into the country a day through San Ysidro alone. It’s one of the busiest Mexican border crossing towns in the country. And because of the temporary protection given to Haitians, they’re being allowed into the country with no questions asked.

Haitians Find Loophole, Borders Overrun By ThousandsOne of the major issues now is, will Haiti even take back their refugees? The Haitian embassy has been reluctant to answer any questions asked by DHS and many authorities are suspecting this could be a problem. Presidential elections are scheduled in Haiti for October 9th. Taking back tens of thousands of Haitians could be enough to sway the elections one way or another. And it’s very likely there are officials who would rather not see that happen.

The question that is continually asked across the board is about the humanitarian aspect of it. Is deporting Haitians back to a poverty stricken country that is deep in turmoil, the right thing to do? One thing is for certain, if Trump wins, he will put an end to these sort of events from occurring. And with the current state of the nation, that’s probably the best thing he could do.

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