ACTION ALERT: All American Gun Owners May Get This Right…

gun rights conceal-carry
The House is set to vote this week on the Conceal-Carry Reciprocity Act. | Photo credit The Blaze

The issue of gun rights, among other things, has been a hot-button topic in 2017. Second Amendment supporters haven’t seen many victories this year, but that may change soon. A new conceal-carry bill is moving full-steam ahead in the House of Representatives.

The Conceal-Carry Reciprocity Act allows CCP holders to carry their weapons while traveling to other states who also allow conceal-carry. North Carolina Republican Richard Hudson crafted the bill he calls, “common-sense legislation.” He spoke with Fox News @ Night about the bill on Monday.

“This is just simple, common-sense legislation that says if you’re a law-abiding citizen… we’re not going to turn you into a criminal just for crossing an invisible state line,” he said. After trying unsuccessfully for several years to get the bill passed, Hudson believes this time will be different.

However, the Republican congressman also acknowledges there will be a battle in the Senate. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer vehemently opposes the legislation. After the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the senator slammed the idea of conceal-carry reciprocity.

“Under this law, if Wyoming or Alabama said any person could carry a concealed gun, they could come to Times Square, Penn Station carrying that gun-concealed,” Schumer said. “The chaos that would result would be utterly amazing.”

Also opposing the bill, is former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg has pledged $25 million to fight Hudson’s bill, citing statistics from his Everytown for Gun Safety group. A group that’s been caught, several times, faking reports on gun rights issues.

In one incident, Bloomberg used a fake report, “Hiding in Plain Sight,” to push for universal background checks in Vermont. His group has also promoted misleading statistics on gun purchases made by felons and those with mental illness.

Safety First

conceal carry gun rights
Gun owners attend a firearms safety course to obtain conceal-carry certification. | Photo credit WBCK-FM

Interestingly enough, Texas A & M conducted a study that completely contradicts the claims of gun control advocates. Findings from the study revealed that citizens who possess conceal-carry permits are more law-abiding than society at large.

Regardless, Hudson says gun owners are tired of being pushed around on the issue. “The American people are sick of the liberal elites in New York and San Francisco trying to tell us… that we don’t have the right to defend ourselves.”

Currently, 213 members of Congress support the bill, including three Democrats. 24 state attorneys and the National Rifle Association also support the bill. Hudson expects the bill will clear the House when they vote later this week.