Gowdy grills ClintonTrey Gowdy (R-SC) | Photo credit Business Insider

South Carolina Congressmen, Trey Gowdy, is setting his sights on Hillary Clinton and James Comey in a new investigation. Gowdy plans to grill the former FBI director on his role in protecting Clinton during her email scandal. And this time, the “bulldog” says nothing is going to stand in his way.

Gowdy, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is opening a joint investigation with the Judiciary Committee. The committees plan to review the Justice Department’s handling of the politically charged investigation into Clinton’s private email server. They also want to know why Comey neglected to do his job.

Specifically, Gowdy is mainly concerned with why the decision to not prosecute Clinton came before witnesses were interviewed. Other questions include whether the FBI made the right decision to say in public that Clinton’s team was “extremely careless” in its handling of classified information,

However, Gowdy is emphasizing that the investigation is not a partisan effort. The committee also plans to include questions about the FBI’s subsequent refusal to confirm during the campaign that some of President Trump’s campaign associates faced investigations over their apparent ties to Russia.

“Of the six things we listed with specificity, three of them are things Democrats gave a big damn about last fall. So, the question is, do they still?” says Gowdy. 

“And three of them are things that Republicans cared about a lot last year, and the question is, do they still?” Gowdy confirms they plan to gather documents and interview witnesses to “see where the investigation takes them.”

Second Chances

Hillary Clinton | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

This marks the second time the congressman has investigated Clinton. During the first investigation, Gowdy was head of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. He spent months grilling Clinton about her neglect that resulted in the deaths of four Americans. Unfortunately, much to his chagrin, Clinton got away with her crimes.

But, this time she might not be so lucky.

When asked if there was anything that would stop his newest probe, Gowdy’s answer was clear. “No, not at all, any more than James Comey can unsend a letter that he sent in October,” he responded. In the past, Gowdy has hinted at what he calls the “entanglements” between the Clintons and the Justice Department.

Let’s hope this time he can untangle their deadly web of lies.


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