Tragedy Leads To Shocking Investigation Of Broward County Sheriff Office

Scott Israel
Sheriff Scott Israel speaks to CNN’s Jake Tapper. | Photo credit Raw Story.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is a left-wing, anti-gun, Hillary Clinton supporter. As of Sunday, thanks to Florida Governor Rick Scott, he is also under investigation. The reasons are both shocking and infuriating.

Throughout last week, new details emerged about the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland, Florida. Some of the most disturbing information directly relates to how Sheriff Israel and his deputies responded (or didn’t) to the shooter.

Last Thursday, School Resource Deputy Scot Peterson resigned after video surfaced showing him hiding behind a stairwell while children and teachers were dying. The investigation also revealed that Peterson refused to provide DCF with information on the shooter in 2016.

After Peterson resigned, additional reports came out alleging that at least three other Broward deputies also waited outside. Coral Springs police officers, who heroically entered the building, observed the deputies taking cover behind their vehicles.

Not surprisingly, at a CNN “townhall,” Israel audaciously blamed the National Rifle Association for the shooting. While slamming NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, Israel didn’t disclose that his deputies hid like cowards as teachers were acting as human shields.

Several days later, the sheriff boasted about his “amazing leadership” during and after the shooting. Speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper, Israel said he felt no responsibility for Peterson failing to confront the shooter, Nikolas Cruz. “I can only take responsibility for what I knew about,” he said

Governor Scott Responds

Governor Scott
Governor Rick Scott ordered the FDLE to investigate the Broward County Sheriff’s Department. | Photo credit South Florida News

Upon learning the details, Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran sent a letter to Governor Scott on Saturday demanding action. While he stopped short of suspending Israel, Scott did order the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to investigate.

“I have asked for FDLE to immediately investigate the law enforcement response and will continue to review this matter as more facts come out. There must be an independent investigation…” Scott said in a written statement.

As you might suspect, Israel is slamming those calling for his resignation. However, the sheriff said he will cooperate with the FDLE investigation “as we believe in full transparency and accountability.”