Google Search Engine suppresses ‘bad news’ about Hillary Clinton

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-11

Hillary laughing while testifying before Congress
Hillary laughing while testifying before Congress

In a scene that reads like a frightening page out of George Orwell’s 1984, it was revealed at a recent Trump rally, that Google Search Engine had suppressed searches about Clinton’s scandals.  Or as Trump labeled them ‘bad news’ about Crooked Hillary. It seems these days you can’t even trust the internet to be impartial. New information also revealed that Google was intentionally redirecting information regarding Hillary Clinton’s dealings as Secretary of State, especially in regards to Benghazi, Lybia, deleted E-mails, etc. etc. 

Taking the high road; Trump’s campaign has recently shifted, moving away from dirty politics.  All the while Hillary gets dirtier and dirtier taking cheap shots at Trump. Trump’s change of focus, practicing refrain and self-control; shows that he’s looking more and more presidential.

The bias, censoring, and foul play that left-wing companies claiming no-bias, weighs down like a heavy monochrome pant suit. The revelation demonstrates that in today’s current political climate, the power to make effectual change has been stripped from the American People. And given to the big companies.  These same companies have deep stakes riding on Crooked Clinton and her elitist campaign, who secretly support censorship, gun suppression, larger and larger banks…You get the idea.  Such are the result of the same kind of old politics, lobbying and backwards dealings that turn people off from Hillary Clinton.

Trump publicly accused Google of conspiring with the Clinton campaign. The Republican Candidate stated,

“The google poll has us leading Hillary Clinton by 2 points nation-wide, and that’s despite the fact that Google search engine, was suppressing the bad news about Hillary Clinton […]. On November 8th, we are going to win this state, and we’re going to win back the White House, we are going to make America great again, believe me.”

Add to this banking corporations like Goldman Sachs, that have banned contributions to the Trump campaign.  Finally throw in an array of foreign governments and their questionable donations; and you end up with a soup of corruption brewed by thirty years of Crooked Hillary’s politics.

For the average politician, the mess that Hillary has on her hands would create a communication fiasco so glaring it could not fool the American people.

But Hillary’s very efforts are to fool and undermine Americans by playing to their plights and needs. Under such convictions of running a presidential campaign, it is no wonder that Crooked Hillary requires a little extra help suppressing information she would rather keep silent. But this is America, and sooner or later truth will come out. 

The people will get to know what made Hillary bend every which way and how she became so darn crooked.

Although her campaign may try to spin and hide the records, Hillary’s steps are too obvious and deliberate for people to forget. Her carefully choreographed acts seem more like a nonsensical skit than legitimate arguments. In the end, what this leak demonstrates is that even seemingly impartial things like the Internet have interests betting on Clinton.  While Trump has an enormous silent, grass-roots backing.

As the polls show, 46 percent, or nearly half of all Americans are being silenced or have limited access to information by supporting Trump or questioning what truly is going on behind Hillary’s campaign wall of propaganda.

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