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There is something to be said for fighting for what is right, which is something that 20th Century Fox is doing right now. After ABC announced recently that they would no longer be airing Tim Allen’s popular conservative comedy Last Man Standing, fans were outraged. Petitions began circulating to force the network to continue airing the sitcom.

However, producers of the show, including Allen, have another plan. They are shopping for a new network altogether. According to Variety, studio presidents, Jonnie Davis and Howard Kurtzman, said they “were surprised” by the cancellation, but they aren’t giving up without a fight.

“That’s the one that’s really an open sore right now,” Davis said. Kurtzman added, “We really were expecting a pickup. The fact that we didn’t get a pickup was a surprise and a disappointment. I think no one was more disappointed than Tim Allen, such a huge star with such a huge following.”

When asked whether or not the sitcom would be pitched to other networks, Kurtzman responded with “We’re starting to explore that. If it’s not going to go forward at ABC, of course, Jonnie and I are hopeful that we can find another home for it.”

Nonetheless, the producers admitted it might be an uphill battle.

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Last Man Standing is what’s known as a “multi-camera” comedy which is not a favorite method of filming amongst the bigger networks. In addition, because the series is approaching its seventh season, costs are significantly higher than with new shows.

But, there may be a home for Allen with companies like Netflix or Hulu.

Netflix has seen success recently with multi-cam shows like Fuller House and The Ranch. With a large and varied global audience, this would make a perfect landing spot for Last Man Standing. At the very least, it has the potential to draw more conservative audiences to the streaming service.

Regardless of the difficulties, the producers are not going to simply walk away. They are very encouraged by the support of Allen’s fans and believe that will help them to find a new home for the show.

“We know how passionate our fans are, and we’re seeing that now,” Davis said.

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