Tim Allen Congratulates Fans for Reboot Of Last Man Standing


It’s so great to finally see that conservative voices are scoring a win in Hollywood. Actor and comedian Tim Allen is one of our favorite, and certainly the most down-to-earth, funny guys on television. He’s also super excited to be heading to Fox for another season of Last Man Standing. But he isn’t taking credit for the victory.

Tim Allen heads to Fox for reboot of Last Man Standing
Photo credit: ABC

Last month, rumors began circulating that the Baxter family was heading back to television. Then early last week, Allen teased the possible return of his popular conservative family sitcom on social media. On Friday, fans got the news they’ve been clamoring to hear for nearly a year.

Last Man Standing is returning to Fox for its highly anticipated seventh season.  

As you know, ABC abruptly canceled the show in the sixth season despite it being the second highest-rated comedy for the network. Because he is an outspoken Trump supporter, both Allen and his fans considered ABC’s decision to be motivated by political reasons.

An allegation that network President Channing Dungey vehemently denied.  

However, ABC’s denial did little to fix the situation with fans who started a petition to demand the return of Last Man Standing. Fans renewed their outcry after the successful Roseanne reboot. It’s that outpouring of support, the voices that refused to be silent, whom Allen credits for the big win. 

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