Conceal-Carry Reciprocity

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One might believe that having a pro-2nd Amendment president like Donald Trump would mean their gun rights are protected. But, as with any constitutional right, liberals will not rest until they can limit it or take it away altogether. In another push to promote more anti-gun legislation former NY Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is pledging millions to hurt gun owners.

The Daily Caller reported:

Everytown for Gun Safety and its billionaire founder and funder, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have pledged to spend $25 million to prevent national concealed carry reciprocity from becoming law on Capitol Hill, to increase their gun control efforts in state capitols and to oppose pro-Second Amendment candidates in the rapidly approaching 2018 midterm elections.

Ironically, Bloomberg and his leftist gun-hating pals have no real understanding of gun owners or gun rights. Preventing law-abiding citizens from owning guns will not stop gun violence. That type of violence is perpetrated by the very people liberals do their best to protect criminals. And as most responsible gun owners already know, these criminals do not purchase their guns legally, 99% of the time. Those that do purchase a gun legally to commit a crime, won’t be stopped by…

Useless Laws

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A person intent on doing harm to others will find a way. If they can’t get a gun, they’ll use a bomb, a car, a machete, or anything else they can find. An in-depth study conducted by Texas A&M revealed that citizens with concealed carry permits are even more law abiding than the public at-large.

Bloomberg’s group has also been caught paying for fake reports that inaccurately convey information on issues such as gun purchases by felons or the mentally ill. One such report, “Hiding in Plain Sight”, was used by Bloomberg in Vermont, in order to push for universal background checks in the state.

As usual with liberal so-called facts, it took only minimal effort to debunk the report’s claims. It takes even less effort to recognize that the left doesn’t really want gun control, they want people-control.

Unfortunately for them, gun owners remain the first and last line of defense against a tyrannical government. And we aren’t going anywhere.

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