ISIS Hates Music, Women, Children…

Ariana Grande | Photo Credit NY Mag Bono from U2 just went on Jimmy Kimmel to reveal that ISIS “hates music, women, and little girls. They hate everything that we love.” With Ariana Grande’s 46 million Twitter followers and 106 million on Instagram, mostly made up of young people.

“Her concerts are packed with young women and girls who admire her self-assurance and her sexy, proudly feminine, style,” said Inside Edition, while trying to diagnose why the terrorists attacked Grande’s concert.

ISIS viewed the attack as a “perverted PR opportunity.”

Former Jihadist Explains Grande Being Targetted Attack

“To hit a center, a den of immorality, as ISIS acolytes are calling it, is a great target for them. Ariana Grande, big name brand. You know the media is going to descend up on [the attack].”

“Children being killed—deliberately being attacked in that manner. You know that not only are you going to get the coverage, but you’re going to get that emotional response, that revulsion…”

Pop stars like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry will continue to perform as scheduled. “I think the greatest thing we can do is unite,” said Perry, in regards to an upcoming performance in England that she will still perform at.

Young Women And Children Killed By Terrorists

Manchester Attack | Photo Credit The Globe

The Boston Herald reports:

“Terrorist attacks at any venue are tragic, but particularly so when it’s a family show and the fans tend to be teenaged girls or even younger ones. Indeed, the first identified victims of the Manchester bombing were 8 and 18 years old. This tragedy will have particular resonance for any locals who took their family to see Grande when she played the TD Garden in early March.”

“The current tour, billed as the “Dangerous Woman” tour, is an adult-themed show for the 23-year-old, former child star. While there’s a bit of sexiness in her dancing and quite a few salty lines in her raps, the message in the show was ultimately empowering. “It might seem to be a scary time to be yourself,” she tells the fans at one point. “But you’re beautiful and your differences are beautiful.”

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