HUGE YEAR: Top 5 Ways That Donald Trump Made America Great Again In 2017

President Donald Trump had several major accomplishments in his first-year in office. | Photo credit Independent Sentinel

2017 is coming to a close quicker than you can say, “Happy New Year.” With 2018 just around the corner, it’s time to review some of the best changes made by President Trump since he took office.

According to the White House, the president had 81 major accomplishments and 100 minor. The following five achievements tops our list of favorites.

6Jobs Return

2017 was a record-setting year for American workers. | Photo credit The Fiscal Times

President Trump created almost two million new jobs in 2017. Major corporations like IBM are adding 25,000+ new jobs and Foxconn announced a $10 billion investment to hire American workers.

Better still, unemployment dipped to 4.1%. In April, the number of people receiving unemployment checks hit a 17-year low. Project 21, an African-American leadership network, praised Trump for creating more jobs and improving financial stability in minority communities.

  • Shirley Wilkins-Olson

    What about all the immigrants trump brought over from Mexico to work in his vineyards and hotels? What about the jobs that were outsourced overseas, reaching an all time high in 2017…What about ALL of our allies refusing to work with trump because he’s an idiot…What about all of these things???? trump is ruining our country. Time for him to step down.

    • Arthur Ferguson

      Shirley how about out source over seas was one thing do to the corporation rate and unfair treade deals of clinton administration and bush administration and all them resigned by obama plus all regulations obama had cola which made lights very high on people fix incomes and working families and worset miltary in since carter and last four years of clinton administration under obama worstest growth rate since 1949 and highest gasoline prices from 2011 to 2015 in history and the worset cola rise for social security. Since cola begun in 1975 do him keeping rates just to help stock market that clinton last 15 monhts in office and bush eight years help nearly crash so i thank god we have that helps american not illegal immigrants and stand up to isis and take off mandall health care but populist learning liberals are just jealous

    • Joydee Mccorkle

      You are a liberal hater and a dumb ass on top.

      • Shirley Wilkins-Olson

        trump likes to brag about being the “Jobs President”..well guess what Joydee Toydee…2017 was the worst year for job growth since 2010….guess that makes you the dumbass…hahaha

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