West Palm Beach Authorities Arrive After Trump Attack, To Find Five Middle School Children…


A Troubling Sign

Photo Credit: wptv.com

America’s children are in trouble. President Trump recently made a visit to Mar-A-Lago. As his motorcade traveled through the city of West Palm Beach, a 2×4 was thrown at his motorcade. But, this was not an act committed by angry adults. 

This time it was angry children.

Palm Beach County Sheriffs have now identified five local middle-school students in connection with the incident. One of the teens, whose identities have not been released because they are juveniles, confessed to throwing the wood.

The incident happened on a Friday morning–a time when most children are in school. So not only did these children skip school, but they also thought that throwing objects at the presidential motorcade was the best way to spend their day.

Photo Credit: cbs12.com

This is not simply a case of “kids being kids.” Not even out of middle school yet and they are facing criminal charges and the stigma of a juvenile record. Both of which are troubling signs of what the future holds for them.

This case is a testament to the consequences of creating a society where children are treated like mini adults and taught leftist hatred. Instead of being taught to imagine and create, they are encouraged to rebel. They are the victims of a leftist education and adults using them as megaphones. And they are the faces of…

America’s Future

Photo Credit: meghandlerphotography.com

Sadly, this is not the first case of children acting recklessly in protest of Donald Trump. During inaugural protests, the young son of comedian Drew Carey was caught on camera burning signs. When a reporter asked him why he was there, he gleefully responded, “Because screw the president.”

When children fail, it is a black mark on our society. Children are like seeds in a garden; if we cultivate them properly, they will flourish like flowers in the spring. If we don’t, they will end up like weeds- out-of-control and dangerously destructive.

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