Much has been said about Donald Trump, but one thing that is undisputed is his dedication to his children. Even though they do not all share the same mother, Trump is close with all of his children, and has had an active role in their upbringing. 

His oldest three, Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric are indispensable to the Trump business. On the other side of this election is the Clinton family, plagued by scandal and infidelity.

Bill Clinton has had a young man claiming to be his illegitimate son since the 90’s whose name is Danney Williams.

No one would be surprised if this were true considering Clinton’s widely known tail chasing and sexual exploits with women not his wife. What is certain is that Williams has led a very sad and challenging life with a single mother addicted to drugs, living in poverty and without a father and seems to be sincerely searching for answers.

Of course his story is being used by political outlets to score political points against an enemy.

It doesn’t change the fact that a young man is pleading for answers and is being ignored and harassed by Clinton’s campaign. It’s hard to watch this video and not see the obvious pain and suffering Williams is dealing with over the hole in his life his father left. Whether that father is Bill Clinton or someone else, Williams deserves to know and the absentee father should be held accountable.

Instead of rallying around a young man who seems to just want the truth, recently Williams’ whole You Tube page was deleted by YouTube for alleged repeated violations of rules. After public outcry, YouTube reinstated his page.

Williams has a right to know who his deadbeat dad is and if it’s Bill Clinton, so be it. A person shouldn’t be too big or too powerful to be held responsible for his own children.

Clinton ought to offer a DNA test and then pledge to help him find his real father (if by some chance it’s negative). But he won’t do that. The Clintons are far too involved in their own preservation to have empathy for someone they may have hurt along the way.

Instead, after years of asking nicely, Williams has to resort to filing a paternity suit (if he can raise the funds). I hope he finds what he’s looking for, but I truly hope Bill Clinton is not his father because the chances of that ending well for Williams are not good.

Hopefully his real father is someone with far more capacity for kindness and room in his life for a forgotten son. It’s too bad his father isn’t Donald J. Trump.

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