The Democrats Just Started THIS Shocking Russian Conspiracy About The FISA MEMO

Rep. Adam Schiff and Sen. Dianne Feinstein are blaming Russia for #ReleaseTheMemo. | Photo credit Conservative Treehouse

Democrats are obsessed with conspiracy theories. Every time they get caught in their lies, they shift the focus with wild accusations. The latest example of that is the FISA memo. Dianne Feinstein and Adam Schiff are now claiming Russia is behind the #ReleaseTheMemo push. The evidence says otherwise.

Earlier this week, news of a damaging FISA memo began circulating in Congress. The memo allegedly details serious abuse in U.S. government surveillance practices. Abuses that likely led to the current investigation of Russia and the Trump campaign.

Curiously, while Republicans are pushing for the memo to be made public, Democrats are resisting the idea. So much so, that Senator Feinstein and Rep. Schiff are blaming Russian bots for the social media campaign #ReleaseTheMemo.

In a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, the pair called for an “in-depth forensic examination” of the hashtag. Citing the popularity of the tag, Schiff and Feinstein conclude that the Kremlin must be responsible.

“If these reports are accurate, we are witnessing an ongoing attack by the Russia government through Kremlin-linked social media actors directly acting to intervene and influence our democratic process,” they said in the letter. “This should be disconcerting to all Americans…”

However, contrary to their claims, #ReleaseTheMemo is almost entirely organic. Which means, in layman’s terms, that it’s Americans who want to know what is in the controversial documents. Why?

Because they are much smarter than Democrats give them credit for.

Opposing FISA

Internet protest against government surveillance. } Photo credit PBS

Most Americans, regardless of political leanings, do not approve of the federal government invading their privacy. Warrantless searches under FISA laws are, at best, unconstitutional. At worst, they chip away at the very freedoms that define our Democratic Republic.

Yet, as bad as FISA is, the bigger issue at hand is why Democrats are against releasing the memo. That is what Americans should find “very disconcerting,” isn’t it? Yes, an outside attack by Russia, or any other country, is unacceptable.

Nevertheless, that isn’t nearly as detrimental to the future of America as an attack coming from inside the country. When the enemy at the gate is actually the gatekeeper, nobody is safe. Right now, Democrats (not Russia) are the ones trying to hold on to the keys.