FEMA + Feds Prep With Nuclear Attack Drill Outside Manhattan


Nuclear Prep Near Lincoln Tunnel

MetLife Stadium | Photo Credit North Jersey

In Northern New Jersey, federal authorities are currently running nuclear response drills at the MetLife Stadium. FEMA and Homeland Security are working together to conduction Operation Gotham Shield.

The goals behind these drills are to assess the situation, treat and evacuate victims, if a nuclear attack in the New York City area would ever happen. These drills are meant to simulate a scenario with a 10,000 ton nuclear device.

The simulation’s ground zero would be on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel.


MetLife Stadium | Photo Credit North Jersey

Fox reports:

“MetLife Stadium is serving as the primary response center during the multi-day drills. The stadium is in East Rutherford, about 15 minutes outside of Manhattan. The New Jersey and New York emergency management organizations are also taking part. The exercise is part of several that are taking place along the Northeast Corridor. Other drills are taking place in Washington, D.C. and Albany.”

“Federal authorities say the drills are not in response to any current events, including possible threats from North Korea. This drill follows an exercise in October called Northern Lights that took place in Minnesota.”

Operation Gotham Shield

MetLife Stadium | Photo Credit Daily Record

The Daily Mail reports:

“A post entitled ‘Operation Gotham Shield’ appeared as a thread in a forum on Thursday by an anonymous users. The user posted above an excerpt taken from a Facebook post revealing the details of the exercise. The post was said to have been shared to the Health Care Association of New Jersey’s page earlier this month. It explained details of the exercise and that it would occur April 24-25.”

“Another mention of Operation Gotham Shield had been posted to the Eastern Region Helicopter Council on March 27, which revealed more details about the time and place the drill will be conducted.”

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