Far-Left Conquers In Landslide French Election And THESE People Are To Blame…


America’s Mainstream Media

Photo credit: Townhall

In 2016, there were videotapes, tax returns, and Russian conspiracy stories that permeated liberal newspapers and talk shows. Their goal was to try and dissuade voters from believing that Donald Trump would be good for America. The same media conveniently ignored the reckless handling of classified emails, four dead Americans in Benghazi, and the staggering influx of dangerous illegals and refugees-that their candidate was partially responsible for.

Sunday marked a historic day in France, as the age-old battle between good and evil played itself out in the presidential election. On one side was far-left globalist, Emmanuel Macron and on the other, right-wing Trump-esque candidate, Marine Le Pen. Macron embraced the influx of Islamic refugees, while Le Pen pledged to strengthen the borders and halt Muslim migration.

Sadly, French voters chose Macron-who is now the youngest and most inexperienced president in the country’s history. And like it or not liberal mainstream media is, at least partially, to blame. Macron’s campaign took a page right of American media’s playbook and it worked like a charm. They spun tales about Russian hacking, slammed conservative media, and played the victim. However, unlike U.S. voters, French voters fell for it…

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Despite a host of Islamic terror attacks that have claimed the lives of 230 people, staggering unemployment, and deep social divisions, they still managed to be baited. MSM has lied so many times and has spun so many tales about the alleged dangerous “White Nationalist” politics represented by President Trump, that liberals turned-out in droves to vote for Macron.

All-in-all, voter turn-out was surprisingly low given what was at stake, with only 65% of voters casting a ballot. French media, aided by liberal outlets in America, highly publicized Marcon’s early lead, which tends to sway voters to stay home. In addition, just as we saw and heard during our election, thousands of voters received ballots for Le Pen that were invalid because of “defects.”

Ironically, Macron’s ballot arrived in the same envelope-in perfect condition. Many people will be celebrating the results all-across Europe. MSM headlines here, will no doubt use the liberal victory as a “slap in the face” to the conservative values that have triumphed in America. But make no mistake, this was a major defeat not only for France, but for America too.

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