NEW REPORT: Obamacare A Complete Bust Proven By These Facts

Obamacare Trump
President Trump eliminated the Obamacare mandate for individuals in his tax cuts package. | Photo credit Fox New

For years, taxpayers listened to liberal politicians sing the praises of Obama’s disastrous healthcare plan. They used inaccurate data and outright lies to convince Americans that Obamacare was the difference between life and death. Now, a new report is proving that President Trump is right. 

When Donald Trump emerged on the political scene, he promised to expose Obamacare for the true failure it is. Although it took some time, there are finally details to support his stance. The Department of Health and Human Services, no longer weaponized by Democrats, released alarming data concerning the plan that everyone needs to hear

The “key highlights” of the report, spell out the failures almost immediately:

“Premiums for individual market coverage have increased significantly since the Affordable Care Act’s key provisions have taken effect, but most estimates have focused on annual increases and have not captured the comprehensive increase in premiums since 2013, and thus do not accurately capture the ACA’s true effect.”

Between 2013 and 2017, premiums in the 39 states using increased as much as a staggering 105%. In addition, monthly market premiums for individuals more than doubled. 

Promises and Lies

Infographic shows rise in Obamacare premiums over the last four years. | Photo credit Department of Health and Human Services

“Average monthly premiums increased from $232 in 2013 to $476 in 2017, and 62% of those states had 2017 exchange premiums at least double the 2013 average,” according to HHS. There were no states that saw a decrease in premiums. Zero. Nada. Zilch. Which was completely contrary to Obama’s promise.

That’s right, Obama literally came out and said, “my plan will lower healthcare premiums by up $2500 per family, per year.” Sadly, what is actually happening is people are paying twice as much and have fewer options.

Even worse, thousands of Americans will be left with no choices and no coverage at all in 2018. Yet, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are still trying to sell the lie. And why not? She and her leftist conspirators won’t pay the price for their lies.

No, American citizens, the hardworking taxpayers are footing the bill. Just like they always have for the failed promises of Democrats. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how they try to spin the truth on these facts.