Exploding Can: Experts Believe Another “Devastating Global Cyber Attack” Imminent


Global Cyber Attack Predictions

Cyber Attack | Photo Credit News API

It seems like whenever a global cyber attack, or massive cyber attack occurs, it hits programs like Windows on older computers. While modern tech users are likely safe from massive attacks, most government systems use these older systems.

Experts believe a program called “Exploding Can” may be the next hack that will target computers who use Microsoft 2003 or older. Basically, the attack could take out around 375,000 computers across the globe.

Exploding Can will be as evil or even more corrupt than what was just experienced with the WannaCry ransomware attack.

Exploding Can May Attack Microsoft Users

Cyber Attack | Photo Credit News TimeDotCom

Daily Mail reports:

“ExplodingCan has been created by the Shadow Brokers hacking group, which was also responsible for the WannaCry attack, and attributed to an organization linked to the NSA. The hack targets Microsoft Windows 2003 servers running the Internet Information Services version 6.0 (IIS 6.0) web server.”

“According to Manchester-based security company, Secarma, ExplodingCan exploits a known flaw in the IIS 6.0 servers, triggering a buffer overflow. This in turn, can be used for remote access to the computer, and could allow hackers to plant ransomware similarly to the WannaCry worm.”

Cyber Attacks Like WannaCry May Happen Again Soon

Cyber Attack | Photo Credit News News.com

CNET reminds us of WannaCry:

“Windows-powered PCs that aren’t running updated software that protect from this vulnerability are the most at risk. WannaCry appears to travel across corporate networks, spreading quickly through file-sharing systems. The diabolical part of that is corporate computers are typically controlled by IT departments that choose when to send updates to computers.”

“So if one computer is vulnerable, it’s likely all the computers on a corporate network are too, making it easy for WannaCry to have a large impact. It’s called WannaCry, and it’s brought computer systems from Russia to China to the UK and the US to their knees, locking people out of their data and demanding they pay a ransom or lose everything. So far, more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries have been affected, with victims including hospitals, banks, telecommunications companies and warehouses.”

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