Anti-Trump Rapper’s Controversial New Video Where He Literally Assassinates Trump

Trump Snoop | Photo Credit 360Nobs Rapper Snoop Dogg has recently starred in a music video, directed by Jesse Wellens and James DeFina, which parodies the Trump White House. The music video deals with the deportation of all dogs.

Snoop told Billboard, “Nobody’s dealing with the real issue with this f**king clown as president, and the sh*t that we dealing with out here, so I wanted to take time out to push pause on a party record and make one of these records for the time being.”

The rapper pulled a gun on a clown version of Trump in the video.

Snoop Dogg Is A Hillary Clinton Supporter

Hillary Clinton | Photo Credit Business Insider

Snoop Dogg is trying to bring awareness to issues that he feels are important to the black community. The song and the music video are meant to elaborately showcase his views on the new President of the United States.

The rapper also described the video:

“The ban that this mother**ker tried to put up; him winning the presidency; police being able to kill mother**kers and get away with it; people being in jail for weed for 20, 30 years and mother**kers that’s not black on the streets making money off of it — but if you got color or ethnicity connected to your name, you’ve been wrongfully accused or locked up for it, and then you watching people not of color position themselves to get millions and billions off of it. It’s a lot of clown sh*t going on that we could just sit and talk on the phone all day about, but it’s a few issues that we really wanted to lock into [for the video] like police, the president and just life in general.”

Does This Music Video Go Too Far?

Snoop Dogg Video | Photo Credit Pitchfork

The video tries to highlight police brutality, but shows a world of literal clowns. “This is the final call,” said Snoop, while pointing a gun to the head of a cigarette-puffing clown, that is meant to be Donald Trump.

Snoop Dogg endorsed Hillary Clinton in the election and believes his new song will bring light to some of the issues he feels to be important. He also said he doesn’t expect a reaction from the video, but that’s nonsense based on the content.

What do you think of this overly dramatized video and the rapper’s actions?

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