Trump Calls Out Clinton Foundation, Demands Immediate Shutdown

A day late and a dollar short if you ask me, the Clinton Foundation has announced they will finally stop accepting donations from foreign governments and corporations. The foundation made the announcement just last week and Trump says it’s too late. Immediate shutdown of the foundation needs to happen anyway.

The Clinton Foundation is the major focus of several documentaries and short series now. One of them being the Clinton Crash by investigative reporter, Peter Schweizer. Trump is backing it and pushing hard to close the foundation immediately.clintons

Trump openly speaks about the corruption within the foundation along with the long history of lies and deceit that Hillary has been involved with. The thing is, the deceit and lying is not just a thing of the past. Hillary, continually plagues the American people with false information and empty promises. The reality is, we don’t know what she has in store for this country if she wins. We all know however that whatever she does have in store is not good for the country.

She’s used the foundation to rig her campaign and taken millions in funds to fill her pockets and bank accounts to the brink of overflow with next too unlimited, financial resources.

It’s obvious to everyone now that the Clinton Foundation has been used to fund Hillary and is one of the most corrupt institutions in American history. What does that say about Hillary about her moral and ethics? If you ask me, it says she doesn’t have any. Not only that, but it’s clear that Hillary does have a price limit she can be bought at. So who is to say she won’t sell this country off or information to the highest bidder?

What happens if she gets in power and starts to disclose information and give resources to the wrong people? It is wrong with what happened while she was Secretary of State. It’s wrong what she was doing back then and it’s just as wrong with what she is doing now. It will be wrong what she does if she wins the presidential election so we cannot allow that to happen.

Our only answer to the question of how can we make America great again is therefore to do everything we can in our power to see Trump in office. He may not be the politest at times, he may say things that we are all thinking, and he may be outright rude every now and then. But at he is real, authentic and not here to play any games. Trump can’t be bought and won’t listen to reason from the enemies of the United States. He’ll put the American people first and see to it that people like Clinton are punished appropriately. Make sure to share this content and comment below with your thoughts and above all else, when November comes, Vote Trump for President 2016.

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