Seal Team Six Gathers For New Drills

Seal Team Six | Photo Credit EPA

Seal Team Six, the same group that was sent into Pakistan to take out Osama Bin Laden in 2011 are now training in South Korea to take out North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, if things should ever escalate in the totalitarian state.

The group was reassembled as a special assassination squad back in December. The mindset was to neutralize “command and control” in the North, but so far the team is only working on drills.

This plan came public after Kim Jong-Un launched his sixth and most powerful nuclear test last week.

North Korea Carries Out “Perfect” Test

North Korean Tests | Photo Credit The Sun

The Nuclear Weapons Institute in North Korea believes they have carried out the “perfect” hydrogen bomb test. Reports indicate that it matched a 6.3-magnitude earthquake, which is ten times larger than previous tests.

Many believe the test was meant to challenge American President Donald Trump, who promised “total annihilation” if North Korea ever followed through with a plan to denote a new thermonuclear bomb.

South Korean President Moon Jae-In said he spoke with Trump and that “powerful and practical measures” were needed to hold the North.

Major Conflict On The Rise

President Trump | Photo Credit EPA

Following North Korea’s recent test, South Korea also decided to conduct live-fire exercises with their Navy. These efforts are meant to help reign in the military capabilities of North Korea.

The South conducted joint drills that involved F-15 fighter jets as well as land-based missiles to simulate an attack on the northern neighbor. All of these tests and drills have many worried about an attack from the recent conflict.

Some sources even indicate that North Korea has been spotted moving an intercontinental ballistic missile towards its western coast. US Ambassador Nikki Hale believes it’s time to impose the “strongest possible sanctions” against the North Korean military.

“The time has come to exhaust all diplomatic means before it’s too late,” she concluded.

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