Devastating News Hits Over 40,000 Tennessee Residents…


It’s Happening

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Shortly after he pulled his healthcare bill from a floor vote, President Trump made a statement regarding the future of Obamacare. He emphatically told reporters, and the Democrats who were celebrating their victory, that it would eventually fail.

Looks like he was right-again.

From CNN Money:

Knoxville, Tennessee, may be the first place where Obamacare fails. Humana, the only insurer on the exchange there, is exiting the market in 2018. Unless another carrier steps in, roughly 40,000 people in the 16 counties in and around Knoxville could be left without the option to buy a subsidized insurance policy.

According to a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation, a “lack of competition” is one of the major problems with Obamacare. One in five insured citizens will have only once choice this year in terms of providers. And that one provider-makes all the rules. This is on top of the premium increases that many will face this year.

Skyrocketing premiums, outrageous deductibles, and no choices. These are the hallmarks of socialized medicine. Everyone besides liberals seem to get it. And the Democrats own it-for better or worse. Many believe the system was set-up to fail in order to convince people to support a different plan. One that leaves the government…

Completely In-Charge

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Government sponsored healthcare is simply not the answer.

Look at Canada for instance, all citizens have insurance, yet they can wait upwards of six months to get needed tests like MRI’s and Ultrasounds. For extremely sick people, that wait can be deadly. And let’s face it, if the government pays for it, they have the right to dictate how and where you use it.

Isn’t that the exact thing that leftist protesters and politicians say they don’t want? In the end, there is no easy way out of the healthcare debacle. Obama all but ensured it would be that way.

Nonetheless, it will inevitably die a slow death and millions will be left worse off than before. A customary ending when it comes to liberal policies.

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  • davehogue

    You can’t explain that to liberals. I’ll make it simple, you can’t pay out more money than you take in.

  • Jeanne Mason

    First of all the government has no business in healthcare. Get out! Second of all……NONE of this affects them. They don’t participate in “Obamacare”. They are exempt from it – remember???? that’s written in the Bill. So, what the hell do they care any way? I’m in Tennessee and when Blue Cross (and many others) pulled out it left us with one carrier. Now, that carrier (Humana) is pulling out in a matter of 6 months or so. So, while they sit up there in D.C. talking and yakking and flapping their gums about what they like and don’t like, agree with or disagree with, we are the sitting ducks here fighting to even get an appt with a doctor, much less figure out how to pay them. Again, government has no business in the healthcare business so get the hell out and let us contact the insurance company we want and buy the plan we want. Instead of paying the price of a mortgage every month for a plan and really for nothing more than catastrophic care with a ridiculous deductible (to assure that they don’t actually have to pay for anything). We were just fine before Barack Muslim Liar Obama took office and the idiots who voted for him have made all of us pay the price. By the way…. ever thought that there might be a reason he’s been hiding out in a country that has no extradition policy to the U.S. for political crimes? Think about it….

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