Dwayne Johnson Shocks Everyone In Hollywood… Steps Up To Say…


A Better Country

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, has worn many hats. The former University of Miami football player, pro-wrestler, and now successful movie star– is one of the most likable celebrities in the world.

As Diplomatic Service Agent “Luke Hobbs” in the Fast and Furious franchise, Johnson places great emphasis on family, friends, and loyalty. Insane driving aside, his character was not a far stretch from who he is in real-life. Loving husband and father, loyal friend, and patriotic American.

Johnson joins actors like Morgan Freeman and Sly Stallone as calm voices of reason in Hollywood. A place where Trump-bashing and a lack of patriotism are cause for celebration. And while he hasn’t necessarily agreed with all of President Trump’s policies, he is supportive of making America a better country.

Sporting an America-themed t-shirt, Johnson shared his heartfelt message on Instagram:

“The most important thing we can do right now is, be 100% committed to becoming a better country… We all wear a lot of hats in today’s crazy life we live, and the one I’m most proud of is being a father to two beautiful young daughters.”

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Johnson encouraged his 69 million followers to…

Lead by Example

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The star of the upcoming Jumanji reboot spoke about the importance of focusing on the things we can control such as work ethic, attitude, and faith. These are things Johnson said he focuses on every day.

 “I don’t know what it’s like to be born into wealth, nor I do I know what it’s like to be a career politician. I do know what it’s like to put in the hard work every day with my two hands and earn my success from the sweat of my brow. That’s all I know and all I’ll continue to do.”

His sentiments seemed to echo those of President Trump who has said that America is the country where “no dream is too big, and no challenge is too great”.  Johnson concluded his message by saying:

“We got this. We’re Americans, and we forever hold the line”. 





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