Don’t Fall For Media Sob Stories About Mexicans Losing Jobs Under Trump’s America

Donald Trump | Photo Credit ABC News

Donald Trump continues to make good on his promises, and it’s driving Democrats and the Liberal media insane. People don’t know what to make of this man who is doing what he said he was going to do.

Still confused, the media began running stories about how Donald Trump’s Presidency will be hurting jobs—in Mexico.

Mexican reporter, Christopher Sherman of the Associated Press,  wrote an article that was later picked up by The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, The Miami Herald, and even Business Insider.

In the story, it’s revealed that Mexicans are upset about Ford and Carrier’s decisions to stay in America. Without the $1.6 billion dollar car plant coming to Mexico, this means that 2,800 Mexicans will not be receiving these jobs…

Mexican Jobs Lost To America

Ford Focus | Photo Credit Car & Driver

Ford told Economic Development Secretary Gustavo Puente Orozco that the issue was a lack of demand for the Ford Focus an hour before they made the announcement on television.

“When I saw it on the phone, [I thought], “Well, no, it can’t be,” said a security guard at the construction site. “It was on orders of Mr. Trump.” Another business owner talked about how unexpected the decisions was, adding “It hit us like a bucket of cold water. Everyone here was hoping for a lot of growth in the state.”

10,000 American Jobs

Ford Factory | Photo Credit Fleets & Fuels

According to the report, also, to the initial 2,800 jobs, it’s possible that there may have been an addition 10,000 jobs with the new factory, based on other businesses that would surely follow.

If these numbers are correct, then that means Donald Trump has brought an approximate 10,000 jobs to America, all before becoming president. Also, it’s hard to feel all that empathetic when reminded of how much money the Mexican government has been taking from America for all of these years.

There is always backlash from good news, but to think that these major outlets are trying to make 10,000 American jobs sound like a bad thing is beyond stupidity and political ties.

Is it not the President’s job to care more about his country than other countries?

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