The last eight years of class warfare has left its mark on America. So when Donald Trump becomes the next president, he will need to bring unity to a fractured country. Hence, his economic plan for the middle class will, in all likelihood, define his presidency with the middle class.

economic plan

The hero of the Left, President Roosevelt (FDR) ,like Donald Trump, was also a very wealthy New Yorker also claimed to want to help the middle class. Therefore, he created a “New Deal.” 

Jack Healey writes at The Huffington Post:

“The Roosevelt answer, the New York answer, was to get America going again. Start with the poor and the lower middle class. Build from the bottom up. Call forth the talent, abilities and power of the people. The Roosevelts believed that America was like an economic triangle; the people at the bottom of the triangle are the poor who love the Constitution and Bill of Rights the most. The top of the triangle, the rich, made the Roosevelts wary. They believed that the strength of the triangle rests in the bottom and the middle. So, the Roosevelt’s dedicated their team to build out futures for those at the middle and bottom. Their approach, rather than trickle down, was to work from the bottom up. The Roosevelt’s proved that if you assist the most systematically and structurally disenfranchised citizens, the rest will follow.” 

We agree in that, “...the people at that bottom of the triangle are the poor who love the Constitution and Bill of Rights the most. The top of the triangle, the rich, made the Roosevelts wary.”

Those poor people who “love the Constitution and Bill of Rights” are called Conservative Republicans in 2016. They are the most despised among the left-wing democrats. 

“I have made the tough decisions, always with an eye toward the bottom line. Perhaps it’s time America was run like a business.” Donald Trump

Isn’t it ironic that the darling of the democrats today, was a gun-toting constitutionalist? He was a big game hunter. 

Roosevelt and Trump, are both two good illustrations of the old adage, 

“You can give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Or you can teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime.”

So then, let me ask you. If you were in need, which would you want? Donald Trump sees clearly the obstacles facing those being fed a fish a day by the government’s hand. What’s more, he wants to teach them how to fish.

One has to wonder if the Roosevelts would consider the Clintons among the rich to be wary of. 

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