Donald Trump has done this before and will no doubt do it again.

Similar to his presidential campaign triumphs, Donald Trump has once again created a public story to showcase his talents, and report news on an issue. A series of exciting presidential subplots are surely around the corner, for the press and public.

 Unlike previous presidents, he is well familiar with the media and its ways.

Air Force One | Photo Credit AviationCVAir Force One | Photo Credit AviationCV

Donald Trump’s Tweet to Boeing

On a December morning Tweet, Trump said, “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!”

This message is multi-layered.

  1. He’s addressing wasted government spending before he enters the highest office in American government.
  2. He’s saying he neither needs or wants this kind of spending for the presidential position.
  3. He’s expressing his understanding of the need to curtail government waste, for the greater good of American citizens.

This Tweet and his ensuing Trump Tower lobby comment in regard to Air Force One, sparked a great deal of coverage and comments. Trump’s use of the word “cancel” is part of his customary negotiation tactics. It lets the other side know they have to give something more in return for something they thought they already had.

Air Force One | Photo Credit Huffington PostAir Force One | Photo Credit Huffington Post

Media Watch

The media will continue to talk about Trump’s appropriateness, but the public now knows Trump expects Boeing to do better. He refuses to silently cash in on a government contract like so many other companies would do.

His outspokenness holds reporting agencies, businesses, and government officials accountable. Mr. Trump’s media watch goes on day and night. 

In the Air Force One controversy, Trump continued his narrative by confirming what he meant by the word cancel. “Well, I think the plans are too expensive,” said Trump to NBC. “I spoke to a terrific guy yesterday, the head of Boeing, and I think we’re going to work it out. But you know, that’s what I’m here for—I’m going to negotiate prices.”

Boeing’s response revealed their opinions on the issue and said the contract was for only $170 million. At least part of it.

Trump’s negotiation method is exactly what we need to change the way the government and the Pentagon spends their money. The Air Force One model could perhaps become a valuable tool in the way the weapons culture exchanges money and goods in the near future. One thing is certain, we can count on our future president to watch out for his citizens’ best interests.

Do you like the way President-elect Trump called out Boeing for the prices they’re charging our government? 

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