INSIDER: An Election Judge Reveals Undeniable TRUTH You Need To Hear About ‘Voter Fraud Accusations’…


I know a thing or two about behind-the-scene election processes — things you and President-elect Trump, need to know. Ridiculous voter fraud accusations might offend me, if I chose to wear feelings on my sleeve. But I don’t come from the cupcake generation. 

baby-cryingAs a multi-published author and speaker, I’ve learned, there’s no crying in public. At least there shouldn’t be when you accept a role as someone who serves or influences others. 

Mature adults, like Donald Trump, know how to pull their thick skin on to get a job done. But liberal Dems lack maturity, believing temper trantrums and accusations, will help them get their way. 

After losing the election, this is their tactic. I can address their sore-loser rants, because I know what happens behind closed doors when votes are counted. 


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