The Working Class is the Real Winner in 2016 Election


In the past, the Republican Party has been accused of supporting big business. Yet, programs like Lincoln’s industrial North and Reagan’s supply-side economics for the working class, were overlooked.

On the other side of things, the Democrats have received credit for the Progressive Movement, the Great Society, the New Deal, and labor unions, to name a few. This is mainly because of the media, but there are other factors to consider.

Blue Collar | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons
Blue Collar | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Raising Big Money

In 2012, Republican Super-PACs raised over $200 million dollars more than Democrats. Obama out-raised Romney for his presidential campaign, but big money backers were Romney advocates.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton raised $413 million more than Donald Trump. No surprise, since her husband raised over $150 million in speaking fees alone over the past fifteen years. She has said, “I love having the support of real billionaires.”

Donald Trump campaigned to end NAFTA and other policies that if continued, may later harm American workers. A sweep of non-college-educated, yet hard-working, honest Americans, such as those within the Rust Belt understand that Trump is their candidate.

Blue Collar | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons
Blue Collar | Photo Credit WikiMedia Commons

Trump and Blue-Collar Workers

Donald Trump’s plan to reduce the federal government while bringing back industry jobs and policies for blue-collar workers is important to the people. Even staunch Democratic naysayers have jumped on board with his plans for the middle-class. 

After Trump was elected, Elizabeth Warren gave the following statement, “So let me be 100% clear about this. When President-Elect Trump wants to take on these issues, when his goal is to increase the economic security of middle class families, then count me in. I will put aside our differences and I will work with him to accomplish that goal.

I offer to work as hard as I can and to pull as many people as I can into this effort. If Trump is ready to go on rebuilding economic security for millions of Americans, so am I and so are a lot of other people — Democrats and Republicans.”

Bernie Sanders agreed to this and went on to do similar work within his Outsourcing Prevention Act in Senate. For the first time ever, American workers may be the focus of bipartisan support.

While the two parties will continue to bicker over the best methods to help blue-collar workers, the fact that they are both trying to help is something to consider. Likeminded support of the American working class is just what we need to make us great again — unified efforts are a breath of fresh hope. 

Are you familiar with the methods of FDR or Reagan to help blue-collar workers? What do you think will restore America’s economic health?