You Will Never Guess What Donald Trump Wants In Classrooms



Donald Trump expressed his desire to push for increased patriotism in the classroom. In a speech to the American Legion, Trump told the association for veterans that he shared their vision of bringing pride back to Americans.

“I will never let you down.” Donald Trump


“We will stop apologizing for America, and we will start celebrating America. We will be united by our common culture, values, and principles, becoming one American nation. One country, under one Constitution, saluting one American flag– and always saluting it.” 

For the last eight years, the country has endured Obama’s brand of America shaming. Think about it. There is an entire generation of school children who have grown up under the idea that America is disgraced.

That will change with a Donald Trump administration. He told the association’s members that he shared their goal of promoting American pride and patriotism. With bold confidence, he stated that he wants to bring these lost principals back into American schools.

“We want young Americans to recite the

Pledge of Allegiance.”


Consider just how much backlash Donald Trump will take for saying that our children need to have pride in our country? 

If you feel like warning Donald to duck every time he talks about America with pride and spreading patriotism in our schools, you are infected with America shaming.   

It’s only been within my lifetime that schoolchildren stopped saying the Pledge of Allegiance in school. No one was ever forced to recite it. We did it as a class. There was always an exemption allowed for anyone with religious objections to pledging their allegiance to a symbol.     

Here in is the real issue. What exactly does the American flag symbolize? For generations, it has symbolized the freedom to take charge of your own destiny. It meant you were free to think and speak freely, without fear of retribution from your government.    

Over the years, American schools have taught children that American is the land of oppression. That we stole the land from Native Americans and built it on the backs of slaves.     

Yes, America has seen injustice. America is a young country. The sins she has committed in her youth was also part of the state of the world. You can not define America by circumstances colored by the values of a bygone era, nor the acts of individuals. 

That is exactly what the Left has done through the schools. It has stripped America of her dignity and dressed her in rags–and shamed her. 

That will change under a President Donald Trump. School children will once again take pride in their country.

Patriotism, pride in where you come from. Is a basic human desire. All children need to feel that they are apart of a family and own a culture that is rich in values.