EXPOSED: 5 Horrific United Nations Decisions That PROVE They Should Be Defunded ASAP…


Validating Anti-Semitism Worldwide

On November 10, 1975, the United Nations voted on Resolution No. 3379 titled “Elimination of all forms of racial discrimination”. The countries that have been highly in favor of the resolution, which stated that Zionism is a form of racism, are all former colonial powers or strongly anti-Semitic allies. 

Zionism is based on the liberal values of freedom, democracy, equality, and social justice – essentially Jewish self-determination, and nothing close to racism.

UN's worst decisions
Then-Israeli ambassador to the UN Chaim Herzog addresses the General Assembly condemning Resolution 3379on November 10, 1975. Photo credit: HERZOG FAMILY FOUNDATION

Ignoring the mass genocide in Syria

The UN has done nothing to punish the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and his Iranian allies. For five years, civilians have been killed in large numbers through chemical weapons, air bombings, and crossfires. Why? Superpowers in the UN such as Russia and China vetoed resolutions condemning the genocide in Syria because it is against their own self-interests.

Doing Little to Stop Mass Genocide and Ethnic Cleansings in East Timor, Cambodia, Bosnia and Rwanda

The United Nations, and its peacekeepers, merely stood by as bodies continued to pile up across the world. The organization has had minimal enforcing power and it took the intervention of other countries to stop the genocide in Bosnia and East Timor. Despite presenting itself as an organization built to heal the world, the UN has done little to lessen human suffering.

UN's worst decisions
A dying Rwandan woman tries breastfeeding her child next to hundreds of corpse. (Reuters)

 Sexual Abuse of Children in the Central African Republic (CAR)

…by UN peacekeepers themselves, starting in 2014, and hundreds more were uncovered by 2016. The CAR saw rape, pedophilia, and sex abuse against already suffering citizens. The Children’s Rights International Network compiled these horrendous cases in a timeline online. The UN even tried to cover-up these cases by not disclosing them to the public.

United Nations
Anders Kompass who was suspended from the UN last year for exposing the sexual abuse of children in Central African Republic resigned earlier this year. Photo credit: Denis Balibouse/Reuters

Appointing Saudi Arabia and Egypt to the United Nations Human Rights Council

It is as if the United Nations is deliberately trying to contradict itself by appointing human rights violators to the Human Rights Council. These countries are known to kill homosexuals, atheists, and dissidents – through public executions, no less.

Saudi Arabia also has a strong disregard for women’s rights, making people wonder why they were chosen to chair an organization that is supposed to investigate these violations.

United Nations
UN: Members of Magic Movement, a group of young Bangladeshis, stage a mock execution scene in protest of Saudi Arabia beheading of eight Bangladeshi workers in front of National Museum in Dhaka October 15, 2011. Photo credit: REUTERS/Andrew Biraj

Ignored Rape and Sexual Assault of Aid Workers in South Sudan

UN peacekeepers were no more than a mile away from a residential compound filled with foreigners when South Sudanese troops went on a rampage in the area. The U.S. Embassy and the UN did not do anything even when their own countrymen were being killed, robbed, and raped. The gross negligence shows that the United Nations has failed to uphold its core mandate of protecting civilians.

A young woman en route to the UN base outside Bentiu in Unity state, South Sudan, after collecting firewood. Such expeditions leave women and girls vulnerable to attack. Photo credit: Tristan Mcconnell/AFP/Getty Images