BREAKING Report: Twitter May Try To “Censor” Trump… Even NYT Forced To Speak Out!

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Donald Trump does not mince words. On Twitter, our president-elect certainly knows how to rile people up.

More often than not, he causes people to think. For many Americans, what he said and “says” makes sense.

The New York Times recently published an article entitled, Twitter Has the Right to Suspend Donald Trump. But It Shouldn’t. The Times accuses Mr. Trump of misusing the social network giant. His tweets, according to them, spawn harassment against others.

The article mentions a couple of specific examples by Trump. They note one recent tweet about a union leader, and a college student a year ago. But don’t you think reaching deep into the past for an example is a bit much?

The problem with this accusation is that Mr. Trump is simply speaking his mind — like many other average Americans — and those in leadership. Even the current POTUS takes to Twitter.

Trump never tells others to go out and create problems. If anything, Trump has said “stop it” to anyone not showing a solution-driven attitude. 

So could Twitter take a fall from 

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