Editorial: What is the TRUTH behind Hillary Clinton’s Health?

By Regan Hodgins | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-16

Just recently Donald Trump called for a drug test for both candidates prior to Sunday night’s presidential debate. In both previous debates, Hillary Clinton has started the debate being extremely energetic and hopped up.  And by the end, the crooked candidate seems tired, worn out and exhausted.

Note: The following is an editorial piece, reflecting the opinion of the writer and is not intended to be a news story. 

This has raised concern among the American people that perhaps Clinton is using some kind of stimulant in order to get through the debate. Also to combat the notion that she’s not physically adept and ready for the job, something that’s been a contested issue throughout the presidential race.

The now infamous video wherein Hillary collapses at a 9/11 memorial, has made it abundantly clear that there is something seriously wrong with her health. In the video, Hillary stumbles in what doctors suggest is a clear loss of motor control or ‘freeze’ and has to be carried onto her motorcade. Her doctor made a prior statement that the candidate had pneumonia but many suspect her ailments may be far more serious. Many experts have pointed out that Clinton’s neck spasms and lack of bodily motor control, like in the memorial instance, points to a degenerative disease like Parkinson’s. 

Aside from speculation, Clinton has had a history of coughing fits while speaking at campaign rallies and TV interviews. The fits are so bad that the candidate had to take more than two minutes trying to recuperate in order to stop herself from coughing even more. Many experts have pointed out that her involuntary movements in her hands (like during the first debate) signals an affliction that may have to do with her brain.

Credit: AP
Doctor Ted Noel, who analyzed Clinton’s official medical records states there are clear signs that something might be wrong, although at first glance things may appear to be normal. Noel stated that although blood pressure was that of a 20 year old, for a woman of Clinton’s age this could represent a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s. Although there were pages missing relating to Clinton’s fall and stay at Columbia University Medical Centre. Finally, a recent WikiLeaks email proves that Hillary directed her staff at the state department to research Parkinson’s drugs (PIC) 
Beyond that, the candidate has looked very tired during the campaign trail, even when she does make an appearance. There have been numerous occasions where Hillary appears completely worn out and lethargic; showing clear signs of deteriorating physical health. On the other hand, Trump, as always, appears energetic, in good spirits, and shows obvious signs of vitality and stamina. Perhaps tellingly, for the remainder of the presidential race Hillary will not make any more scheduled appearances at rallies, even through the last leg of a long campaign.
Even though prior to the collapse her health had been relegated to the level of a conspiracy theory. Obviously her health has been a contested issue during the election, but why does the candidate burn out half way through the debates, and look like death warmed over her?
Source: http://truthfeed.com/too-weak-and-sick-to-serve-hillary-clinton-needs-assistance-to-hobble-up-a-couple-steps/24652/
Could it be that Hillary, with the aid of doctors, is taking some kind of stimulant to help her be more alert, focused, and energetic? In order to put the pest of the health issue to bed, and to make it appear that all is well, is Hillary clinton taking drugs? The spike in Hillary’s energy when it came to the debates came as a big surprise to many.
Noel states that this can be achieved for a Parkinson’s patient by either receiving a blood transfusion, or through a ‘drug holiday.’ Which could account for her absence at complete disappearance prior to the debate. 
If Hillary does suffer from a psychical condition, surely there is evidence of treatment in her released medical record, and there is, although the medical record appeared to be incomplete.  
It is evident that we cannot come to a conclusion or a diagnosis by watching a troubling video, however grave the video may appear. Based on the information released from her health providers, Dr. Drew, former CNN medical contributor, stated during a radio interview that the Democratic candidate was receiving “1950 level sort of care.” Drew continued by stating Clinton “had two episodes of what is called Deep Venus Thrombosis, a common problem, blood clots on the legs.” She also has “hypothyroidism”
being treated with something called Armour Thyroid, which is very unconventional, and something that was used back in the 60’s due to the side effects. 
In order to combat the coagulating side effects of Armour Thyroid, Clinton was prescribed Kumonin, which is an anti-coagulant not commonly used since the 50s. According to Drew, Hillary then suffered one of several falls but also hit her head and as a complication is diagnosed something called head Trans-Verse Synus Thrombosis “which is a clot in the collecting system of the cerebral spinal fluid.”
Something which “guarantees something is wrong with her coagulation system.” According to Drew, after analyzing Hillary’s released health records, “there are two other things that are gravely concerning; when she hit her head she had to wear these prism glasses,” the same glasses she was seen wearing during the 9/11 memorial, “that is brain damage, that is effecting her balance.” 

Clearly Clinton is on several medication and drugs, just by analyzing the parts of her record that were revealed.

To be fair, Drew stated that without making any diagnosis, by Trump’s own statements, such as “sleeping only four hours,” and “trouble following lines in his speech;” the Republican candidate could also suffer from a form of hyperthyroidism. Which he states could actually be beneficial when running a country. After his radio interview Dr. Drew’s show on CNN was abruptly terminated. What is the truth behind Hillary’s health? Clearly the evidence is compelling. 

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