REVEALED: Trump’s Cabinet Full Of Generals Says More About THIS…

Source Credit: Alchetron

Before Donald Trump takes his seat in Washington come January, the president-elect has already kept himself busy filling up his Cabinet.

Among the early nominations, people are noting that Trump’s cabinet seems to have a leaning towards retired generals. Top positions, at that.

Citizens have varying opinions on what it means for Trump’s Cabinet to have so many military officials. Despite the talk, CBS News’ Major Garrett reported that Mr. Trump is having second thoughts about including more than three generals in top positions.

As of now, the president-elect has already filled up his self-set quota. He picked retired Army Lt. General Michael Flynn as his National Security Adviser. For Defense Secretary, Trump chose retired General James Mattis.

Meanwhile, retired Marine General John Kelly found a place in Trump’s Cabinet as the secretary for Homeland Security.

With the quota filled, odds seemed bleak for retired General David Petraeus. The general had been one of Trump’s top picks for Secretary of State, but lost to ExxonMobil CEO Rex W. Tillerson.

But what do all of these generals in the cabinet mean for Donald Trump?

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