A Look at What Trump’s Foreign Policy Might Bring Us


Donald Trump’s ideas for foreign policy are very different than President Obama’s, even more so than Hillary Clinton. 

If he is to win the presidency what is his foreign policy expected to look like? Although vague, there are a few stand-outs in what he has disclosed thus far. 

The Strong Guys

Trump appreciates strong people like Putin and Xi. He even appreciated Saddam Hussein in the way that he was respected and followed to the end. In terms of who the country will deal with, Trump believes that the U.S. spends too much time, energy, and funds in other countries to solve world problems. He prefers to simplify things and fix the issues in the U.S. 

Todayonline.com says that Trump “does not value US reliability in longstanding alliances and economic systems.”  The source suggests that treaties would take the form of tentative paper contracts.  Meanwhile, tariffs are expected to go up as well as a stoppage of trade and investment.  

The Economy

Clinton and Trump plan on focusing initially on the economy where Clinton will incorporate her knowledge on infrastructure investment and immigration in terms of the Hispanic and business communities if she is to win.  On the other hand, Trump offers years full of knowledge regarding the economy and business.  


Infrastructure.  http://showmeinstitute.org/topics/energy
Infrastructure. http://showmeinstitute.org/topics/energy

When it comes to energy both candidates couldn’t be any more different.  Trump wants to make deals to make fossil fuels more accessible.  Hillary would like to invest in different options, such as solar and wind, and rely less on foreign fuel.  

North Korea

North Korea has been attempting to draw US attention.  Todayonline.com says that North Korea will drive early policy towards China.  Pyongyang is getting stronger with nuclear weapons, mobile missiles, and submarines.  Kim already had a submarine sink a South Korean ship.  Kim has threatened the US, South Korea, and Japan with their nuclear weapons.  China is worried about destabilizing North Korea, but it is likely to be disturbed with a new US administration.  It all depends on if China, Japan, and South Korea are willing to work with the US against a threat from North Korea.


Speaking of China, Clinton would like to strengthen her ties with China. Trump is dismissive over China and Asia.  Worries exist over if Trump will isolate the US too much and cause us to lose all our friendly neighbor countries.  

Middle East and Europe

With the Middle East, Trump isn’t so kind. He wants to walk away from the nuclear Iran deal and crack down on ISIS and radical Islamism. As for Syria and Iraq, those are touchy subjects.  

As for Europe, both candidates don’t have too much to say.  While South American countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela seem to have been forgotten in this election.